Top 10 Self Storage Tips

Use dryer sheets to keep insects and spiders away. Place them in all corners and boxes especially by the front of the unit. The sheets will also keep your items smelling fresh! (Be sure to replace the dryer sheets monthly to maximize results)
Use breathable materials such as cardboard for storage so that moisture isn’t trapped. Never store your items in plastic bags or other airtight containers.
Make an aisle between boxes so you can easily access your stored items. Sometimes you will need single items from the unit, with an aisle, you won’t have to move all of the other boxes out!
Put charcoal in a saucepan and leave it in your unit. It will help absorb moisture.
Make the most use of vertical space by stacking boxes of the same size and storing couches on their side. Use shelving along the sides of your unit for even more space and organization!
Use mattress covers to keep mattresses and box springs dust-free. (We have them in all sizes). Or you can use 2 fitted sheets to cover the top and bottom to keep the dust away.
Leave a small space between the walls and your boxes. It prevents mold and allows for ventilation. Also use our wood pallets to keep your boxes off the floor for further ventilation.
While most items you store will be temperature resistant, be cautious with very sensitive items like electronics. Don’t store them in extremely cold weather. Freezing temperatures can ruin electronics like flat screen TVs and can even wipe the hard drive of laptops and computers! If you remove the items in the cold, allow them to sit for 48 hours in your heated home before plugging them in to prevent plastic components from cracking.
Drain all fuel from leaf blowers, lawn mowers and other gas-powered machines. When storing your car, make sure the gas tank is either completely full or completely empty to avoid condensation!
Pack your truck backward from how you would like your unit packed. A little planning goes a long way!


These are just a few tips to get you started. Be sure to ask your Guardian Self Storage manager for more tips and tricks to make your storage experience the best it can be!

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